A few comments from last year’s attendees who completed the anonymous post 2021 REVITALIZE event survey…

“THANK YOU IPTA for making REVITALIZE available for members!!!”

“It was so nice to have access online to the choices of live offerings.”

“This was a wonderful jam-packed conference with great integration of assessment, things to watch for, synopsis of normal and potential atypical development, treatment!”

“Very upbeat and engaging!”

“The dates for next year’s conference are on my calendar – wouldn’t miss it!”

“This is why it pays to be an IPTA member.  Great conference!”

“I cannot say enough great things about this conference. Thank you so much for your time and effort.”

” Loved the breakout session. I greatly enjoyed class, right amount of info for the time period.”

“This was the BEST IPTA Programming I have ever experienced (and I have led a few myself!). Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us.”

“Would love to see this presentation at next years conference-excellent job!”